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Canadian’s views on mobile data (11 June 2018) Results from a survey commissioned by the FRPC with respect to TNoC CRTC 2018-98

Who decides what? Transparency in CRTC decision-making (12 June 2018), recommendations for Parliament with respect to decision-making transparency

Blocking access to Internet sites (Gatineau, 29 March 2018), Results from a survey commissioned by the FRPC in support of Application 8663-A182-201800467


Finding data about Canadian broadcasting, telecommunications and convergence (Ottawa, 28 November 2017), Suggestions for data, analysis and research related to Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications

The CRTC’s Costs-Order Process in Telecommunications, (Ottawa, 24 November 2017), Results from an analysis of CRTC telecom costs orders from 2013 to November 2017.

Changing the 2013 Wireless Code:  Canadians’ views in January 2017, (Ottawa, 24 February 2017) Results from a survey commissioned by the Forum for Research and Policy in Communications (FRPC)


ResearchInnovating the CRTC’s TV licensing process, (22 November 2016)

ResearchData, data, everywhere – but do the CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Reports give Parliament the information it needs to evaluate the implementation of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts? (26 October 2016)

ResearchCRTC – has it achieved Parliament’s objectives? (June 2016)

ResearchFederal regulation of broadcasting and telecommunications – resources, (May 2016)

Research, Appointments to the CRTC, (8 March 2016)