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  1. To help ensure that the objectives for the Canadian communications systems, as set out by Parliament in the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunication Act, are achieved.
  2. To ensure that there is sufficient room on Canada’s communications spectrum for the presentation of programming that reflects Canadian history, Canadian values and Canadian views on matters of public concern.
  3. To ensure the presence of a strong, national, public broadcaster
  4. To prevent foreign ownership in Canadian communications
  5. To halt, and where and when possible, reverse concentration of ownership in Canadian communications
  6. To help protect the interests of, and develop opportunities for, Canadian artists and other personnel (cultural and industrial policy) in communications
  7. To press for increased gathering of statistical and other data by the regulator
  8. To press for greater accessibility by the public to statistical data gathered by the regulator
  9. To press for lower BDU and telephone rates, so as to bring them into line with the rates in other developed countries.
  10. To present submissions to the CRTC and other government agencies in support of these objectives.

19 November 2013

(Revised 8 February 2015)

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