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Six public- and consumer-interest organizations ask CRTC to stabilize the BPF-FPR – the only fund supporting their participation in CRTC broadcasting proceedings

Six public- and consumer-interest organizations have asked the CRTC to stabilize funding for the Broadcasting Participation Fund-Le fonds de participation à la radiodiffusion that announced on 10 April 2023 the suspension of its activities as of August 2023 due to lack of funding.  The CRTC approved the establishment of the BPF-FPR in Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2012-181 “to assist in the representation, research and advocacy of public interest and consumer groups across Canada in both official languages” in its broadcasting proceedings.

In 2022 the CRTC directed Rogers Communications Inc. to remit $725,439 to the BPF-FPR in three payments of $241,813 over three consecutive years.  As the BPF-FPR has on average awarded costs of $472,196 per year over the past decade (to more than 100 different organizations representing a range of interests), the applicants are asking the CRTC to facilitate Rogers’ payment of the full amount to the BPF-FPR by 1 September 2023. Their Part 1 application is available here.

The CRTC has invited interventions on the application, provided these are received by the CRTC on or before 31 May 2023. The CRTC’s website page for Open Part 1 applications in broadcasting is available here – look for application 2023-0219-9 and click on the “Submit” button to the right of the application.

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