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Data, data, everywhere – but do the CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Reports give Parliament the information it needs to evaluate the implementation of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts?

The CRTC has published a wealth of information about the broadcasting and telecommunications systems in annual reports issued since 2000.  You can find these reports here:   http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/publications.htm.  When the CRTC began issuing these reports, it published separate documents about broadcasting and telecommunications; since 2008 it has published a single report with information about both sectors […]

Comments on Industry Canada’s 600 MHz Consultation (February 2015)

Five points raised by FRPC The  Consultation notice states that over-the-air TV spectrum should be re-assigned to mobile services because data usage is growing, while the number of new OTA TV stations in recent years has been flat, with the implication that there is limited or no demand for new OTA TV station licences.  FRPC’s analysis of […]

A fond farewell to Kafka

The Fair Elections Act received Royal Asset on 19 June 2014.  Among many other changes, this statute creates new identification and reporting requirements for “voter contact calling services”.  The new law will come into effect (ie, become enforceable) the next time that Parliament is dissolved – in other words, before the next Federal election (expected […]

Rogers Sports Inc.’s 2014 application for a network licence

FRPC opposed RSI’s application because the application presented too little information to enable the CRTC to know what it would be licensing, and because the information that RSI did present failed to show how its network application would serve the public interest, either by achieving Parliament’s objects for the broadcasting system, or by improving or strengthening […]