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How to interveneĀ in CRTC proceedings

The CRTC generally invites the public to submit comments in matters related to broadcasting and telecommunications.  (While you may also submit complaints to the CRTC, this section deals only with public proceedings announced by the CRTC.)

Comments filed with the CRTC generally become public

Submissions made to the CRTC become part of its public record; this means that in addition to your views and comments, some of your personal contact information will be submitted to the Commission.

Comments must be filed on or before the CRTC deadline

It is also important to know that the CRTC will not consider interventions it receives after an intervention deadline.  If filing on the day of the deadline, the CRTC must receive the intervention no later than 8 p.m. eastern standard time (ie, the time in Ottawa/Gatineau).  You can find the deadlines for proceedings where the deadline has not passed, here.

How to file a comment

In most cases you can file your intervention online, by clicking on the online link in CRTC notices of consultation.  You can also visit the CRTC webpage for ‘open proceedings‘, and click on the submit button beside the appropriate notice or application.

To file a printed copy of your submission, mail or courier it to:

Secretary General
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0N2

To file by fax, send to the attention of the Secretary General, at 819-994-0218 (long-distance charges may apply).

If you intervene in a CRTC licensing proceeding (involving an application to issue, renew or amend a radio, television, pay, specialty, cable or satellite licence) you must send a copy to the applicant – contact information will be provided in the CRTC notice announcing the application.

Feel free to use FRPC’s research results, provided you credit the information to FRPC (ie, through a citation).

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