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Innovating the CRTC’s TV licensing process

In mid-November the Chairman of the CRTC addressed the Canadian Chapter of the International Institute of Communications on the subject of ‘getting ahead of the curve’.[1]  Part of this address – “Innovations in consultations” – described the Commission’s desire to be responsive to Canadians, and to bring them “into the centre of our hearings”.  Chairman […]

CRTC – has it achieved Parliament’s objectives?

The CRTC’s first Departmental Performance Report said that “specifying expected program outcomes, developing meaningful indicators to demonstrate performance, perfecting the capacity to generate information and report on achievements – is a building block process.”[1]  In 1999 it added that “[t]he Departmental Performance Report provides a focus on results-based accountability by reporting on accomplishments achieved against […]

Federal regulation of broadcasting and telecommunications

On 23 April 2016 the Minister of Canadian Heritage announced that it wished to “strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content”, and that it would “examine the government’ cultural policy toolkit.”[1]  Its goal was to “determine how best to assist the cultural sector in navigating these changes and seizing opportunities to contribute to […]

Data, data, everywhere – but do the CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Reports give Parliament the information it needs to evaluate the implementation of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts?

The CRTC has published a wealth of information about the broadcasting and telecommunications systems in annual reports issued since 2000.  You can find these reports here:   http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/publications.htm.  When the CRTC began issuing these reports, it published separate documents about broadcasting and telecommunications; since 2008 it has published a single report with information about both sectors […]